Spirit Science Videos 


I Am The Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The Book of Knowing and Worth – Paul Selig


Naked in Public Kathryn & Patrick Andries


You are PsychicDebra Lynne Katz


21 Ways to Read the Tarot Mary K Greer


The Essential LenormandRana George


You Know Your Name… Look Up Your Numbers – Michael John Fierro


Answers Jamie The Psychic


Wishes Fulfilled Dr. Wayne W Dyer


Conversations with God, The Mother of Invention Neale Donald Walsch


The Art of ShapeshiftingTed Andrews


Raising Our Vibrations For The New Age and Windows of Opportunity  – Sherri Cortland


Delores Cannon – Anything by this author is worth reading. I recommend The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth


Awakening IntuitionMona Lisa Schulz
If you want to know more about what a medical intuitive does, this is your book.


The InstructionAinslie Macleod
Great psychic’s autobiography with a practical approach to development too.


The VortexJerry and Esther Hicks
What more can I say… it is the Hicks and Abraham!!!


Many Lives, Many Masters Brian Weiss, MD
A man who braved the way to put past live regression in the main stream. Wonderful!!!


5 Love LanguagesChapman
Learn how to speak the language of those you love, even your children. This books shows you want is most important in a person’s life and how to talk to them in that language. Must read!! Simple and quick to apply.


You Can Heal Your LifeLouise Hay
GET THIS FOR YOUR LIBRARY!!! She is the First Lady of Healing, in my humble opinion. ( I am sure I will be corrected some day. )