11 Card Celtic Cross




This version of the very traditional & popular Celtic Cross is brought to us by Christiana C. Gaudet. I will help you discover the answers to the questions below using Tarot Cards and the 11 Card Celtic Cross spread. This spread will be delivered back to you within 1 to 3 days if not sooner.
 The Cards
1. Significator – Who the Querent is at the present moment.
2. Atmosphere – What surrounds the Querent at the present moment.
3. Challenge – What challenge does the Querent face at the present moment.
4.  Foundation – What the Querent brings to the present from the past.
5. Past – The recent events of the Querent’s past.
6. Crown – What is foremost of the Querent’s mind at present.
7.  Future – Likely events in the Querent’s future.
8. Public Opinion – What the Querent’s friends & family are thinking.
9. Relationships – The Querent’s romantic life.
10. Hopes & Fears – What the Querent imagines, hopes for & fears.
11. Final Outcome – How this phase in the Querent’s life is likely to resolve.