Compatibility Relationship/Love Spread




Try as we might, relationships can be messy. Our expectations don’t mesh with others’, and it can be positively baffling when the other doesn’t understand what we wanted – or didn’t want. Compatibility is the bread & butter of relationships, & guess what – Tarot has a spread for it. And this is it. (From The Idiot’s Guide to Tarot Spreads)

Cards 1 to 5 – The foundation of your relationship.

Cards 6 to 9 – How you will grow together.


  1. E.

    This spread and video was absolutely amazing! First of all, Mitchell is such a cheerful personality and he really gave me the feeling we were “in sinc” for the reading.
    The video was very personal , and warm and it was like he was talking directly to me .
    the spread was honest and done with a lot of care, and i can only highly recommand this !

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