Edgar Cayce’s Aura Spread




The Edgar Cayce Aura Spread is inspired by American psychic, prophet, mystic, and seer Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s method of prophesy involved lying down and entering a sleep state to answer a subject’s questions. Cayce’s purported abilities included astral projection, mediumship, and seeing auras. See the cards/questions below for the direction this spread will take you. Mitchell will offer a simple yet effective alignment intention at the end of the video that often brings about healing, harmony & peace for the client.
 The Cards

1. Significator card representing you.

2. Red: Health status.

3. Orange: Am I in a creative place?

4. Yellow: What is the state of my intellectuality?

5. Green: Am I feeling balanced?

6. Blue: What is my spiritual state?

7. Indigo: What is a spiritual state I cannot deny?

8. Violet: My love life.

9. Brown: What am I feeling negative about?

10. White: Can I wipe the slate clean?

11. Healing & alignment will be offered at the end of the video spread from Mitchell.

Spread from Sasha Graham’s book ‘365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day’ SashaGraham.com