Love Tarot Spread (for a Conscious Relationship)




This love Tarot spread is perfect when you’re seeking deeper meaning for your relationship. It will highlight what each person can learn from the other, what brings you together, and how you can both grow. Tarot reveals what is most important to understand right now. It’s good to revisit this spread more than once, over. (from Chick with a Deck on Pinterest

The Cards

1. How you feel about them.

2. How you see them.

3. What you are learning.

4. Your hidden desires.

5. Your conscious desires.

6. How they feel about you.

7. How they see you.

8. The lesson they are learning from you.

9. Their hidden desires.

10. Their conscious desires.

11. What binds you two.

12. What are the current challenges.

13. Advice.