The Ghetto Tarot: Manifest Your Desires Spread




This spread will be delivered to you in a video via YouTube. Alice Smeets developed this spread to help you manifest your desires. It will help you align longings & purpose with actions. This spread may show you that your Soul’s desire is something you feel resistance towards. In that case you’re Soul actually wishes that you lose this resistance by opening yourself to the teachings of a particular card. To learn more go to
 The Cards
  1. This is what your soul desires.
  2. The unconscious force behind this desire.
  3. Your conscious reason for this desire.
  4. Receptive card, open yourself to this energy to manifest your desire.
  5. Action card, act according to the teachings of this card to make your desire come true.
  6.  Your inner strength that will support your manifestation.
  7. The challenge that needs to be faced.
  8. The outcome.