2 Question Spread

Ask two questions for guidance & clarity.


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Mitchell will answer two questions with this spread. He allows Spirit to speak as needed through the cards as well as channeled information. Please just ask the 2 questions and avoid back story or too many details which often lowers the vibration of the work. Aim for open ended questions and avoid ‘yes or no’ questions to get more from Spirit and the reading. See other spreads for ideas of how to pose your questions for the most out of the reading. You can post your questions in the payment notes OR email them when purchasing to – Thank you.

Sample questions…

What is the energy between me and ______?

What might it be like working for _________ company/person?

What will it look like if I go? If I stay?

How can I break out of this rut?

What can I do for my body?

What can I do to change this situation?



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