Creation Health Spread


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The CREATION Health spread is derived from the eight principles of wellness found in the seven days of creation in the Bible. The Seventh Day Adventist Church summarized the major themes in the acronym C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N.
 The Cards
1. Choice -Where & how can I make better choices towards optimal health?
2. Rest – Where & how can I make space in my day/life for restoration?
3. Environment – What on the outside can I change to effect my insides?
4. Activity – What physical activity will benefit me best right now? 
5. Trust – Where or how is my trust effecting me?
6. Interpersonal – How’s my social garden growing? 
7. Outlook – How or where can I change the influence of my attitude? 
8. Nutrition  – What adjustments can I make to my food consumption?