Haunted House Tarot Spread


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Haunted House Tarot Spread – The Haunted House Spread is useful to perform in a home or space with ghosts bumping about. Discover the story of a place as you learn how to clear the energy of a house, apartment, or dwelling. Perform this spread at your own risk. Once the information comes to light, there is no way to unlearn it. Spread from Sasha Graham’s book ‘365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day. www.SashamGraham.com 

The Cards

1. What is the energy of this place?

2. Is there a rational explanation for the phenomena?

3. Is this space haunted?

4. Do I really want to know what occurred here?

5. Who lived here?

6. What was their life like?

7. Who died here?

8. What holds the energy captive?

9. How may I release this energy?