House of Life Spread


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  • Based on both Lenormand and Kabbalah. This spread will help you ‘sort out your year’ by addressing 10 specific questions listed below. 
  • The 10 areas and the focused method to work on…
  • 1  What do I need to know to stop anxiety and/or worry?
  • 2.  What do I need to know to make the most of my time here?  
  • 3.  What do I need to know to get the most out of myself?
  • 4.  What should I do to recognize others? 
  • 5.  Where do I get the best of everything? 
  • 6.  What is the most authentic life I can lead? 
  • 7.  What about me?
  • 8.  What about ‘the other person/people’ in my life? 
  • 9.  What should I create and communicate?
  • 10. How do I fulfill the contract between me and the divine universe


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