Mercury Retrograde Spread


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Mercury retrograde has gotten a horrible reputation. Yes, it does often have mishaps with communication, technology tends to blow up, both figuratively and literally. But if you know how to work with the flow then you can create something positive out of this period. This spread helps you choose what needs to be focused on and how to bring out the best of this time. Spread designed by Samantha at Escaping Stars.


  1. What will this retrograde bring into my life?

  2. What aspect of my life will be most affected by this retrograde?

  3. How can I minimize the damage and negative results of this retrograde?

  4. What lessons need to be learned during this period?

  5. What part of my past do I need to reflect on in order to heal and aid in my journey?

  6. What will the outcome of this period be? Will it be a generally positive and learning experience, or will it be full of misunderstandings and damage?