The Bridge Spread

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The Bridge Spread – I learned this spread from Melissa Cynova in her book Tarot Elements. It’s from Beth Maiden at If you get to a place where you feel like you know the plan but don’t know how to get started, the bridge spread will work beautifully for you.

The Cards

1. You are here right now, at the apex of the bridge.

2. The shore you left behind. This card represents the past.

3. The journey’s lesson. How have things been so far?

4. The river. Unconscious influences on you now, what lies in your subconscious and what your intuition wants you to know.

5. Your next step. Here’s where to focus in the short term.

6. The shore you are heading for. This may be an indication of your overall trajectory, or if you have a specific goal in mind just now, this card speaks to that.

7. A guiding star. A source of support to guide you.


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