Walk Away or Try Harder Spread.


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Summation of Spread – Churchill failed sixth grade and was defeated in every election for public office until becoming prime minister at age sixty-two. He encouraged others to never, ever give up. His bright spirit informs this spread, created to examine whether you should walk away from a challenge or try harder. From – Sasha Graham – 365 Tarot Spreads
Cast Your Cards Explore personal conviction and perseverance while casting your cards. 
1. What is my calling and what I must do? 
2. What happens if I walk away? 
3. What happens if I stay and work at it? 
4. The biggest challenge as it stands. 
5. How can I soothe any stress? 
6. What different approach can I use? 
7. Who is my support system? 
8. Am I truthful about the perceived outcome? 
9. How do I improve my knowledge and skills?
10. Am I enjoying the journey?


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