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Our pets & animals in our lives can offer amazing healing, Soul growth & assistance to us. For a session click Book a Session When booking an Animal Communication session you need to download a picture of the pet or animal ahead of our scheduled phone, Face-Time, Facebook Video Messenger or Skype session. If you have any questions before or difficulty uploading a picture you can email 

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  1. Laura L.

    I made an appointment with Mitchell after my dog died for two weeks. He was able to connect with my dog and gave me great inside about my dog and much more. This is a healing experience and a learning experience, from the reading, I learned not only about my dog but myself and my life lesson. I highly recommend his service. I suggest that you start to utilize such great service to learn about your pet when they are alive, it will improve your pet’s live as well as yours. You don’t have to wait.

    • Mitchell Osborn

      Laura, Thank you SO much. I am so happy the session helped. I look forward to next time. Mitchell <3

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